The Awarded communication app for business

Our platform, LINKED, serves as both an INTRANET and EXTRANET, providing a comprehensive solution that connects your staff and reflects your corporate values. By utilizing our platform, you can enhance employee satisfaction and transform your business. In addition, LINKED keeps your business partners and clients informed, engaged, and motivated simultaneously.

The Awarded HR engagement & communication solution

Increase perfect fit​
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Increased engagement
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Boost productivity
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We partner with some of the biggest brands

Connect, notify & engage your staff

If your company cannot communicate effectively it will have disengaged employees & will lose clients.

One stop platform to everything your employees need. Communicate effectively with all your staff and improve loyalty.

We help your business grow

We engage staff & reflect your corporate values. 
We keep your business partners and clients informedengaged & motivated at the same time

  • Communicate instantly
  • Provide a full toolkit
  • Add customized solutions
  • Improve loyalty

Communicate effectively with all your staff, clients, partners or resellers

Create your own corporate, whitelabel social media, adding your customized needs, in one stop application that is fun to use

  • 1. Engage your staff and partners
  • 2. Connect instantly with everyone
  • 3. Reduce turnover
  • 4. Reflect your company's values
  • 5. Boost productivity
  • 6. Create a digital workplace

Simple, powerful & efficient process

All you need is to create your hierarchy, stores and departments. Assign your administrator for each sector and send your news, updates or good practices. Upload your documents or videos. Make your employees feel like home

It's all about teamwork & true teams

We want you to unlearn everything that has been holding you back. Stop waiting for that magical moment when all the stars align and take that first step.

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Increase the perfect fit to 30%

Increase your staff engagement 300%

Connect with all staff instantly

Reduce employee turnover by 30%

Boost workforce productivity 100%

Meet members of our creative team

We work to create the most attractive & meaningful place for small businesses. Our Team always ready to help you.

  • A team consisting of skilled members
  • Ready to help you 24/7 email & phone support

Arlene McCoy

UI/UX Designer


Darlene Robertson

Web Developer


Theresa Webb

Project Manager


Bessie Cooper

UI/UX Designer


Floyd Miles

Marketing Expert


Jerome Bell

HTML Developer

we partner with brands of all sizes

Read all the news and updates from the Company, different Departments such as HR, Management, CSR, Marketing. Interact with colleagues, friends, managers.

Create your customized, whitelabel functions based on your company's need

Obtain operational efficiency by cost-effectively streamlining yout base operations while eliminating redundant processes and waste

Measure and manage employees' perspectives on the crucial elements of your workplace culture

Get the employee communication tool you need to build your company’s culture and engage your stuff

Acquire better external and internal communication, to increase long term sales & provide better B2B service for your clients, network of partners, resellers