Reach your entire organization

Connect with your workforce wherever they are by effortlessly creating, sending, and tracking messages in real time and gathering all your company content in one place.


Build and send personalized messages at scale

Send tailored messages that look beautiful and work beautifully on any channel. All content can be made as unique as your fingerprints – no graphic design or coding skills needed.

  • Reach in-app, through SMS, and email
  • Personalize messages with dynamic fields
  • Segment audiences with user groups

Employee App

Your company in your pocket

Keep employees in the loop, maximize performance, and improve workflows by making all your content accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time, in one place.

  • Provide the tools and information your employees need
  • Customize your app to match your brand DNA
  • Access instantly without any installs or downloads required
Social Wall

Boost team communication and engagement

Communicate in real time with social feeds where employees can share knowledge, collaborate across departments, and celebrate wins in their daily work life.

  • Create unlimited custom channels
  • Get insights into interaction on likes, comments, and views
  • Share videos, pictures, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations


Drive performance

Provide everyone in your organization with insights into their individual activity and knowledge levels. Nudge action and let your employees help themselves and spike performance.

  • Set individual or team KPI goals
  • Categorize missing training and messages
  • Visually gauge performance metrics


Get the feedback you need

Make informed decisions based on real-time feedback from your employees by sending out mobile-ready surveys and live polls to all your workforce, in just a few clicks.

  • Segment survey recipients to meet individual needs
  • Make feedback anonymous at every stage
  • Drive collaboration through social interactions

Quick Search

Help employees help themselves

Minimize internal support, reduce costs, and maximize productivity by enabling your employees to find the right solutions and training, when and where they need it.

  • Provide access to company material at any time, on any device
  • Categorize checklists, manuals, and playbooks
  • Make any document or media available with free-text search


Track the impact of your communication

Tap into actionable insights in real time to drive content performance and find out how all your internal communication is received.

  • Measure open rates, social interactions, clicks, video plays
  • Compare performance at a glance
  • Share report results with external stakeholders

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